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Vircarda, your world connected

If you are the kind of organisation that seeks to qualify, identify, trust and engage with 

your workforce, your customers, your community.

Then Vircarda is the solution for you.

Extend your reach

Renewals | Offers | Notifications

As a membership-based organisation, you want to effectively manage, maintain and grow your members.


Optimise all your communications around your customers' needs, seamlessly and intelligently, allowing you to focus on extending your reach.

How do we do this?

Discover what our mobile solutions can do for your organisation.


Engage with your members

Scalable| Flexible | Cost Effective

We believe that communicating with your members should be secure, instant and relevant.

Creating more engaging mobile experiences and touch points at every step of your customers journey will enhance your communication strategy and provide more opportunity to grow brand loyalty. 

Relevant, powerful and engaging experiences are at the core of everything we do.

Manage and protect

Qualifications| Skills| Competencies

We are passionate about protecting your most valuable asset - your team


At Vircarda, we believe in providing the right digital tools to support the management of your workforce, surfacing competencies at any time and helping you to protect them from harm. Always ensuring the right people, with the right skills, are qualified for the right role.

Protecting you, your workforce and reducing your risk.


Capture technical excellence

Secured | Verified | Compliant

We recognise the importance of ensuring competent, fully qualified people are identified and in position to deliver your most challenging projects.


Reduce the risk of operational and safety issues by providing your teams with access to best in class technologies to verify you always have the right team in place.

Protecting your team, your business and your reputation.


Trust and assurance

Qualify| Identify| Trust

At Vircarda, we have a strong sense of the real importance of trust, that the professionals you are sharing sensitive information with are fully vetted, qualified and identified using our best in class mobile app.

We believe in the significance of providing absolute assurance, so you can confidently carry out your duties.

Integrate your dialogue, interaction and collaboration

Unified | Collaborative | Interactive

We understand that a progressive approach requires communications to be contextually aware, feature rich and highly relevant.


With this in mind, delivering content means traditional methods are no longer fit for purpose. We passionately believe interactions with your members should be highly integrated, dynamically collaborative and always relevant.
Share your news, views and interact with your audience.

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What would you like your card scheme to be?

"We have built smartcard solutions for over 3 million users. 

Discover what we can do for you."

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