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Frequently Asked Questions

About Vircarda

What is Vircarda?

Vircarda is a comprehensive, highly secure virtual smartcard app that securely stores and manages virtual smartcards on mobile devices in a digital wallet.

Is Vircarda free of charge?

Yes, Vircarda is a free App.

Which operating systems is Vircarda available for?

Vircarda is available for iOS and Android devices.

Getting started

Where can I download Vircarda?

Vircarda is available to download from:

Activating your virtual smartcard

To activate your virtual smartcard, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download and open the Vircarda App

  2. Enter the Registration and PIN Number provided by your card issuing organisation 

    • If you are unable to find the email or SMS, please contact your card issuing organisation ​

  3. Check the details displayed on your card are correct

    • You can report any issues with the card by selecting the 'Report issue with card' link directly underneath the displayed card​

  4. Enter a valid email and password to register an account

    • It is highly recommended, for account recovery purposes, that you enter a mobile phone number​

  5. Click 'Create Account'

I cannot download the Vircarda App

If you are unable to download Vircarda, then your device may not be compatible. An error message will be displayed and an alternative device will need to be used.

If the storage on your device is full, more storage needs to be added or unused apps removed. Once this is done try downloading Vircarda again.

I have not received my Registration and PIN Number from my card issuing organisation
  • Check the email is not in your spam/junk folder

Please contact your card issuing organisation to request your registration details are resent. You may wish to provide a different email address or mobile phone number.

I have lost/deleted the email/SMS containing my Registration and
PIN Number

Please contact your card issuing organisation to request they re-issue registration details.

I have downloaded the Vircarda App, but it will not open

Try deleting the App from your device and reinstalling it from the relevant app store.

Can I reload a removed card?

You can 'Remove a Card' from your Vircarda App. You can also reload a card back into Vircarda using the 'Load A Card' feature within the App and selecting the appropriate card from the list. Once a card has been reloaded, the data and information relating to that specific card will become accessible.

Can I use Vircarda for different types of cards?

Vircarda is designed to store multiple virtual smartcards from schemes that are using our platform.


How do I obtain my card issuing organisation's support desk contact details?

When Vircarda and a virtual smartcard has been successfully loaded and registered, the card issuing organisation's support contact details are available within the App. To view contact details:

  • Click on the relevant virtual smartcard image and the telephone support number will be displayed

  • Click the horizontal ellipsis (more options icon) on the top right of the App, select 'Manage Account' from the drop-down menu and click on 'Memberships', the telephone support number(s) will then be displayed



Issues with your cards

The details on my card are incorrect

Only your card issuing organisation can amend your details on your card. Please contact them directly to arrange for your details to be updated.

One of my cards has been cancelled

A notification will have been sent informing you that a card has been cancelled. Cancelled cards are automatically removed from your virtual wallet. If you are unaware why a card has been cancelled or to request a replacement card, please contact your card issuing organisation.

One of my cards has disappeared

You may have removed a card in error - you can reload it using the 'Load A Card' feature within the App. 


Your card may have been cancelled and a notification should have been sent. Please contact your card issuing organisation to check if this is the case.

My card has expired

​When cards have expired, they remain within the App (identified as 'Expired') for a period of time determined by the card issuing organisation. Please contact your card issuing organisation if your card should not have expired or to arrange for your card to be renewed.

The card reader is unable to read the QR code generated by Vircarda

Vircarda generates a secure, short life QR code that can only be read with compatible QR readers (Checarda and Go Smart). Generic QR readers cannot read QR codes generated by Vircarda. 


The QR code can only be read once, to refresh the code, select 'Read Card' and swipe down.

Managing your cards

How do I delete a card?

As a cardholder you are not able to delete a card. However, cards can be removed from Vircarda by clicking the horizontal ellipsis (more options icon) on the top right of the App and selecting 'Remove Card' from the menu. This option means you can reload the card back into Vircarda at any time.


If you want to permanently delete a card, please contact your card issuing organisation to request that the card is cancelled.

Which applications can be used to check/read my Vircarda smartcard?

Vircarda cards can be securely checked electronically using an application on Android or iOS devices, or Windows PC's using a PC client application, with webcam functionality. Please contact your card issuing organisation to confirm which application should be used to check/read your card.

How do I allow someone to check/read my card?

To enable your card to be checked/read; generate a QR code by selecting the 'Read Card' function within the App and present the code to the card reader. Once your virtual smartcard is successfully read, the information stored on your smartcard will become visible and you will receive a notification after the card has been read. All historic 'Card Read' activity is accessible within the App.

I did not receive a notification after my card was read 

Notifications are handled differently on individual devices. On most Android and iOS devices, you can decide whether to receive notifications on an app by app basis. If you are not receiving notifications in Vircarda, go to 'Settings' on your device and ensure 'Notifications' are switched to 'Allow'.


Note: As notifications are not 100% reliable across all platforms, it is recommended to regularly view activity within the Vircarda App.

Using Vircarda


Notifications are short messages that ‘pop up’ on the cardholder’s device. Notifications are sent instantly and can be displayed even if the Vircarda App is not running or the screen lock is on. Notifications can either be system or scheme generated. 


Alerts to new (unread) notifications are indicated by the status bar icon (at the top of your device), a vibration of your device (if set), the blinking device LED and a badge indicator on the Vircarda App icon.


System generated notifications include:

  • Card reads

  • Card updates including qualifications, accreditations and competencies

  • New cards issued

  • Transfer of a card to another device

  • Revoke of a scheme

  • Card cancellation

  • SkillSight data changes

  • System admin messages

Scheme notifications can be used to engage directly with cardholders and can include:

  • Updates on the information held within the Vircarda App

  • Information and updates about a scheme/membership/community

  • Promotional offers including QR codes and links to URLs

  • Scheme relevant content including attachments and links

  • Two-way interaction between card issuing organisations and its user/community/members

  • E-ticket solutions for issuing electronic tickets to users 

  • Action buttons to capture responses 


Notifications, except for ‘card reads’ and ‘transfer of card to another device’ are stored as In-App Messages within the ‘Message List’ and can be viewed by either:

  • Selecting the horizontal ellipsis (more options icon) on the top right of the App and clicking ‘Messages’ from the drop-down menu

  • Clicking the ‘Message List’ tile on the home screen within the App

In-App Messages

In-App Messages are displayed in a list format; descending by date and time (most recent first). Messages can be viewed directly from the message tile on the Vircarda App home screen or by clicking the horizontal ellipsis (more options icon) on the top right of the App and selecting ‘Messages’ from the drop-down menu.

A thumbnail scheme icon or hero image is shown against each message, which can help to identify the scheme that sent the message.  

If you are unable to see any of the message content, check your connection status is online and try to open the message again. If you still experience problems viewing the message, close the application, uninstall from your device, reinstall and log back in.

Deleting In-App Messages 

To delete one or multiple In-App Messages select the horizontal ellipsis (more options icon) on the top right of the App and click on ‘Messages’ from the drop-down menu or select the ‘Message List’ tile on the Vircarda App home screen. 

  • Android: Once the message list is displayed, select the message thumbnail image or long press. The message will then be highlighted, select the bin image in the right-hand corner of the App to delete. Should a message be deleted in error, select ‘Undo’ to restore the message.

  • iOS: Once the message list is displayed, select edit modal, check the message(s) you wish to delete (this feature allows multiple message selection) and click delete. To delete a single message, swipe left on the message – a gesture swipe will display a delete option and a full swipe will delete the message automatically. Should a message be deleted in error, the undo feature is available when using the edit modal delete option, however, if you swipe left to delete a message the undo feature is not available.

Notifications Settings

Notifications can be turned on or off from the phone device settings. If you have chosen to turn off the ‘Notification’ functionality, you will not receive any further Notifications.


This feature can be re-enabled via the device settings – the Vircarda App will then need to be launched to update the settings within the App. 

Card Reads

Card read history, detailing the time and date in descending order, is available on the home screen within the App by clicking the tile ‘Card Read Activity’. 

The card read list includes (where available): 

  • Card scheme icon

  • Date and time of card read

  • The name of the device that completed the read 

  • Link to a map detailing the location of where the card read was completed (this will only be displayed if GPS is enabled on the reading device)

My phone has been lost or stolen

Please contact your card issuing organisation to request that your card is cancelled. Once you have a new device, please contact your card issuing organisation to arrange for a replacement card to be issued. 

I would like to transfer my virtual cards to my new device

Transferring your virtual smartcard to a new device is a straightforward process. Download Vircarda from the relevant app store and install it onto your new device.


When you first launch Vircarda on your new device, scroll down to the bottom of the registration screen, click the ‘Login' button and enter your email address and password credentials that were used when you first registered Vircarda. Click on the 'Add Card' button and select the relevant card from the list.

Note: To prevent your card being active on two devices at the same time your card issuing organisation may impose a delay before the card can be downloaded to your new device.

I have two devices and I need to transfer my virtual cards between them.

The Vircarda App can be installed on multiple devices, however, the virtual cards within the App can only be stored on one device at any one time. This is a security feature designed to ensure your card is not compromised. To transfer cards between devices, individual virtual cards will need to be removed from one device and loaded accordingly on another. 

Login credentials

I have forgotten my email address

If you have forgotten your email address, please select the ‘Forgotten Password or Email Address’ option on the login screen within the Vircarda App. On the next screen you will have the option to select 'Forgotten Email Address'. You will be prompted to provide the mobile phone number that you used when you first created your Vircarda account. An SMS will be sent to your device, detailing the email address associated with your account. You will now be able to log back into Vircarda and view your cards. 

If you opted not to provide a mobile phone number when you created your account, your account details may not be recoverable. You need to create a new Vircarda account and contact your card issuing organisation for more assistance. 

I have forgotten my password

If you forget your password, please select the 'Forgotten Password or Email Address' option on the login screen within the Vircarda App. You will be prompted to provide the email address that you used when you first created your Vircarda account. Vircarda will then ask you to select the email address or mobile telephone number (if one was provided), which will enable you to have the reset password PIN sent to you.

Once you have received your PIN, enter the number as instructed within the Vircarda App (please note this must be entered within 10 mins or the PIN will expire). Enter a new password and re-enter to confirm. You will now be able to log back into Vircarda and view your cards.

Note: It is highly recommended that you add a mobile phone number for account recovery purposes (if you have not already done so) under 'Account Management'.


Still have a question?

Please email: and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our business hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.