Launch the power

of Notifications and In-App Messaging

We believe in the value of creating immersive and contextual relationships with your members.

The mobile experience is so personal, let Vircarda engage with your audience through tailored messaging based on their interests.

Optimise all your communications with Push Notifications and In-App Messaging to reach your members. Deliver meaning and purpose from onboarding new users to driving new feature adoption, sending offers and more - tailored to your members' experience, their way, when and how they want.

Ready for responsive 


Engage with your members, in their world, with tailored campaigns promoting growth and delivering value direct to their mobile.

Deliver highly targeted messaging to your members, through simple and engaging content, by entering into meaningful responsive dialogue. 


The e-ticket solution

Delivering feature-rich fan experiences is no longer an expectation but a reality.

Providing members with content how they choose drives loyalty, delivers simplicity and creates an engaging fan experience, so they can focus on supporting their team, not getting access to them.

Inspiring simple choices

Simplified messaging through connected and personalised messaging services.

Provide your audience with an immediate way to connect with your organisation by offering timely messages, promotions and offers - short and personalised. 

Valuable feedback is creative insight

Collect data with direct-action messaging and transform it into meaningful content.

Involve your members, capture their feedback and increase their loyalty - making it easier for you to enhance their experience.


Gain valuable insight that will help you craft future interactions.

The communication key

Unlock the communication door with engaging, relevant and incredibly simple to access content.

Inspire your audience by delivering highly engaging, creative and relevant content to their device, their way and in their time. Connecting you to their world.

Create a stronger, richer app experience with personalised messaging that can transform actions into conversations.

Safety critical, be vigilant about safety

Communicating vital safety alerts to your workforce, when and where they need it.

Giving you the right tools, to deliver the right information to your trained field operatives to enable them to make the right decisions.

Supporting safety programs with intelligent messaging is no longer a desire but a reality.

Enhance and improve your communication

Discover what Vircarda can do for you

How Notifications and In-App Messages work

Crafting strategic, dynamic and powerful messages allows you to tailor and instantly surface relevant content to the right user, at the right time - designed to capture their interest.

Push Notifications and In-App Messaging are incredibly powerful mechanisms to deliver reliable, fast and secure content to your members, your community or your workforce. 


We understand how messaging can optimise all your communications around your customers' needs, instantly and intelligently, allowing you to focus on extending your reach, driving engagement and promoting growth.

Let Vircarda handle this for you.


Crafting content

We refer to this as the 'Payload' of the message, which is typically made up of the content, type, function, style and objective of the messaging. You can design and construct your content and it will be delivered by the Vircarda platform or, using our API's we can connect your CRM seamlessly into Vircarda - your choice, your way.


Served dynamically

Your carefully crafted Notifications and In-App Messages are managed and sent securely from Vircarda, our cloud-based technology platform and instantly delivered to your members' devices.


Surfacing content

With our powerful Vircarda UI (User Interface), in conjunction with the Android and iOS operating system of notifications, we deliver your message on point, with feature rich functionality. Our Vircarda platform transfers the responses and interactions back to the Vircarda UI or your CRM with ease.


Learn and evolve from the data

Use the data based on user interactions to fine tune the user experience with more context and deeper understanding. Deliver highly contextual messaging based on users' needs. Leverage the power of Vircarda to drive adoption, create a stronger, richer app experience and promote interactions that continue to add value.

Enhance and improve your communication

Discover what Vircarda can do for you

Vircarda, your world connected.

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